The sharing
economy is emerging

The sharing economy is the industry that has
benefited the most with the beginning of the IT industry.
The global shared economy market is 570 trillion sized,
and this is particularly suitable for blockchain based
decentralized systems.

New innovations in the
energy sharing economy
powered by Beshare

Beshare Marketplace Experience the E-sharing economy from the
extra battery to electric kickboards and
electric cars in a in Beshare platform-based app


The key point of the sharing economy is that the
sharing economy itself must have a sustained and
circular structure.

There are many companies around the world that
offer a sharing economy.
Beshare, powered by a strong initial partner
called Power Republic, will provide the foundation
of the E-sharing economic ecosystem and will lead the
ecosystem steadily through the virtuous cycle of
Beshare tokens by users and advertisers.


The potential for the development of
e-sharing economy related business is limitless.

Beshare has already begun commercializing the
extra battery sharing economy and it will expand the
business to electric kickboards/scooters and
electric vehicles that use electric energy.


As the Beshare service expands, the value of the
Beshare ecosystem's tokens will steadily increase
through a virtuous cycle.
Beshare will continue to lead the business as a
new industry-leading platform of e-sharing economy.

Beshare tokens are
utility tokens that
guarantee the expansion
and practical use of the
Beshare ecosystem.